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April 29, 2009

The Augustana Ministerium will hold its annual Theological Conference and Plenary at Trinity Lutheran Church 1715 S. Jefferson, Kearney, Missouri, from 1:00 Monday, May 11 through 12:00 Wednesday, May 13. Registration information, etc., and a housing offer follow the next three paragraphs.

Lately, some have tried to gainsay the topic for the conference, which covers issues of Confession and Absolution, Church Polity, Ecclesiastical Oversight, and the Practice of Communion Fellowship in a “Post-Synodical Age.” These folks try to argue that since synods still exist (and they’re still in them—as are most of ‘we’ in The Augustana Ministerium), the term “Post-Synodical” is somehow evil and threatening.

In all, their complaints remind me of the LCMS Council of Presidents and their great fear that LCMS pastors and laymen filling out the survey that some laymen put up at <; will somehow ‘corrupt the process’ of moving the LCMS into the future.

“Post-Synodical” simply refers to the FACT that no existing ‘synod’ has proven itself either completely trustworthy in all the materials it produces, nor able to produce what its parishes and pastors want and need. Because of that fact, we find independent publishing houses, etc., doing quite well (Repristination Press, Luther Press, Pax-Domini, Vox Visuals, and others), as well as pastors and laymen from several church bodies recognizing that they are in fellowship with those they’d probably ought not be and *not* in fellowship with those they’d ought to be. Our conference deals with these realities, helping those who attend to act faithfully within their context and to encourage others to do the same. In other words, as with all activities of The Augustana Ministerium, it is designed to preserve and promote Lutheran pastors and a distinctively Lutheran Ministry of Word and Sacraments to Lutheran congregations.

For basic information about the conference, please see:

To register, go to: <;

A schedule for the Conference is posted at:

To prepare for the conference, our Reading Lists are found at:

Lodging Information and Directions are given here:

There is also limited free housing available with members of Trinity Lutheran. If you would be interested in this, please contact Trinity’s pastor, the Rev. Drew Newman, who is also the Recording Secretary of the Ministerium, by using the Ministerium’s ‘Contact’ form.

What is The Augustana Ministerium? A full description can be found at <;, but, in brief, we are a pastoral association formed to preserve and promote Lutheran pastors and a distinctively Lutheran Ministry of Word and Sacrament to Lutheran congregations. We accomplish this through providing emergency relief for pastors in crisis and need; helping small congregations keep their faithful pastors, even though they are unable to pay a pastor a full-time livable wage, helping plant new confessional mission congregations and preaching stations; helping put ordained pastors who are without a call to serve in a particular place or are on CRM status back into ministry as pastors and teachers in the church; and establishing, publishing, and promoting such theological conferences, educational resources, and other materials and events as appear helpful for the meeting of our purpose. For 2009, it is our desire to provide over $50,000.00 in aid to pastors.

Please note that this conference is free for members of The Augustana Ministerium or The Augustana Confraternity. For others, the cost is $30. For membership information, please visit our website, <;.

Rev. Eric Stefanski
Dean of Communications
The Augustana Ministerium