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5th Annual Theological Conference

The Fifth Annual Theological Conference and Plenary Session of The Augustana Ministerium will be held May 17–19, 2010, hosted by Charity Lutheran Church, 1101 S.W. Wilshire Blvd., Burleson, TX and her pastor, the Rev. Dr. Kent Heimbigner.

This year’s conference theme, “Lives in the Balance,” focuses on how Confessional Lutherans go about equipping people for the world’s fight and the soul’s salvation. From education to citizenship, apologetics to proper use of the Law and the Gospel to steer people away from both boredom and despair, the shape of the enemy’s weapons and our response to them will be brought into view.

The theological portion of the program is open to members and non-members, clergy and laity alike. The Plenary Session of the Ministerium will be open to all attendees, except during an executive session, should one be called. The cost of the conference will be $30. That cost is included in the paid 2010 dues for Ministerium and Confraternity members.

To prepare yourself for the papers and discussion at this year’s conference, we provide the following set of reading lists:

Reclaiming the Old Lutheran Axiom: We Teach Our Own—To Keep our Baptized Children Alive; Rev. J. Richard Sawyer

Luther, Martin, “To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation,” Luther’s Works, American Edition, vol. 44, section 25, and the Prefaces to the Large and Small Catechisms
Sayers, Dorothy L., “The Lost Tools of Learning” (available in Wilson’s book or for free on the web, along with other resources at The Well-Trained Mind)
Wilson, Douglas, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education
Hicks, David V., Norms and Nobility: A Treatise on Education
Spitz, Lewis W., and Tinsley, Barbara, Johann Sturm on Education

Nurturing the Foundations of Faith: Equipping God’s People to Defend Against the Reasoned Arguments of Unbelief; Rev. Anthony Oncken

James W. Sire, The Universe Next Door (Intervarsity Press), Chapters 3-6, 9

The Balanced Spiritual Diet of Full-Strength Law and Gospel, and the Deadly Signs of Imbalance (Boredom and Despair); Rev. Michael Henson

Walther, C.F.W, The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (especially Thesis XXVI)
Forde, Gerhard, On Being a Theologian of the Cross

Instilling Christian Citizenship: The Freedom of Grace and the Bondage of the Neighbor; Rev. Dr. Steven Hein

Luther, Martin, “Freedom of the Christian,” Luther’s Works, American Edition, vol. 31

The Seven Deadly Values of Contemporary Culture: The Shape of the Enemy’s Weapons against Our People Today; Rt. Rev. James Heiser

In descending order of priotrity:

Michael Allen Gillespie, The Theological Origins of Modernity (Chicago, 2008)
Douglas V. Porpora, Landscapes of the Soul—The Loss of Moral Meaning in American Life (Oxford, 2001)
A. J. Conyers, The Long Truce—How Toleration Made the World Safe for Power and Profit (Spence, 2001)
John Lukacs, Democracy and Populism—Fear and Hatred (Yale, 2005)
Loren J. Samons II, What’s Wrong with Democracy?—From Athenian Practice to American Worship (California, 2004)
Mark Bauerlein, The Dumbest Generation (Tarcher, 2008)
Barry Alan Shain, The Myth of American Individualism—The Protestant Origins of American Political Thought (Princeton, 1994)

We have a fine slate of speakers for this conference and we are certain that you will find these presentations a blessing regardless of your vocation(s). Please plan on joining us in Burleson! Register at

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