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“Theses on Communion Fellowship with Those Who Believe Differently”

June 21, 2009

C.F.W. Walther’s “Theses on Communion Fellowship with Those Who Believe Differently” is now available for download as a searchable .pdf.

Through the generosity of the translator, we are able to offer this work *free of charge.*

(If you wish to express thanks for this publication, the editor of the electronic edition suggests the Holy Trinity Sri Lanka Fund or the Confessional Lutheran Education Foundation’s Sri Lanka Project; information is available at <>.)

You may access this (50 page, 828 Kb) book directly at


BUT, it might be easier for you to download it by going to our website,


and clicking on the “Reading Lists” item in the “Annual Conference Information” menu. When that page loads, you can right-click and get ‘Save Target As…’ (or some such thing). (Mac users, if you still have a one-button mouse, use control-click to bring up a contextual menu; if you have a two-, three-, or zero-button mouse, click with the right side. But, of course, you already knew that.)

Rev. Eric Stefanski

Dean of Communications


Conference Audio/Video Available

June 21, 2009

Audio and Video from the recently held Fourth Annual Theological Conference of The Augustana Ministerium can now be accessed through TAM’s website. Please visit