Reading Lists for 2009 TAM Conference


Ecclesiastical Supervision in a Post-Synodical Age

J.A.O. Preus, The Second Martin (CPH, 1994), Chapter 6, “Chemnitz’ Superintendency”

The Epistles of St. Ignatius of Antioch (Kleist translation)

Hans von Campenhausen, “Ecclesiastical Authority and Spiritual Power in
the Church of the First Three  Centuries” (Hendrickson, 1997)

Episcopacy—Lutheran-United Methodist Diologue II (Augsburg, 1991), esp. Todd Nichol, “Bishops in the Lutheran Tradition: The Book of Concord and Later Lutheranism” and George Bornemann, “The Role of the Lutheran Bishop”

Various Models of Church Polity and How They May/May Not Shape
 Ecclesiastical Supervision in a Post-synodical Age

Marquart, Kurt, The Church and Her Fellowship, Ministry, and Governance (Luther Academy [current publisher], 1990), esp. pp. 195–219

The Visitation Articles for the Electorate and Provinces of Upper Saxony” (1592). Available online at

Akin, Daniel, Perspectives on Church Government: Five Views of Church Polity (B&H Academic, 2004)

Church Fellowship in a Post-Synodical Age

Essential Readings for the Discussion (freely available online):
Preus, Rolf, “Church Fellowship and Closed Communion” (parish Bible study outline, taught January and February, 2007)

Preus, Rolf, “Making a Clear Confession in Muddy Waters” (Burnsville, MN, free conference presentation, January, 2009)

Stefanski, Eric, “Fellowship: What It Is and What It Implies” (chiefly for the section “My Sin in Kansas City”; presentation at St. Luke Ev. Luth. Ch., Richland Center, WI)

Stefanski, Eric, “Guilt by Association” (Burnsville, MN, free conference presentation, January, 2009)

Stefanski, Eric, “A Brief and Bluesy Response to ‘Muddy Waters’,” (a reaction to some assertions in Rolf Preus’s paper)
    not yet posted
The bases for the arguments in the Stefanski papers, above, can be studied in more depth by reading:
Marquart, Kurt, The Church and Her Fellowship, Ministry, and Governance (Luther Academy [current publisher], 1990), esp. pp. 39–77

Walther, C.F.W., Theses on Communion Fellowship with Those Who Believe Differently (CTS, Fort Wayne, 1990)

Elert, Werner, Eucharist and Fellowship in the First Four Centuries (CPH, 1966), esp. pp. 23–184

The Confessional for Pastors in a Post-synodical Age

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Life Together (Harper, 1976; Harper Collins, 2008), section on Confession and the Lord’s Supper (may be readable via Google Books)

Confession and Absolution Readings” (free file, .pdf format)

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