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The Augustana Confraternity Newsletter

September 11, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the first edition of The Augustana Confraternity’s new newsletter is now available for you to read online…and to print and circulate offline, as well!

The newsletter was sent to all members of The Augustana Confraternity (TAC) and The Augustana Ministerium (TAM) last month, and has been very favorably received. It is our intention to publish the newsletter every two months, a series of short, easy to digest publications that carry forth the purposes of TAM/TAC, informing our membership and the world at large of the struggles of faithful pastors and the partnership that we are privileged to facilitate between those struggling pastors and the laity and pastors elsewhere that have been blessed by God with the means to help them. This edition includes articles by our Superintendent, the Rev. Bruce Ley; a summary of the work that was done in the past four years, by our former dean of Pastoral Care, the Rev. Michael Liese; and a story from a home mission perspective—that of the three-point parish served by our Dean of Pastoral Recruitment, the Rev. Jeffrey Ahonen.

Not content to publish without a promise…we’re already working on the second edition of the newsletter, so if you’d like to receive a high quality color laser-printed copy in the mail (an excellent way to share the work of the Ministerium with others), now is the time to become a member of TAM or TAC. The upcoming issue will feature articles by the Rev. Tony Bolen and the work he has been blessed to do with TAM’s financial assistance; our Legate, the Rev. Dr. Kent Heimbigner; our current Dean of Pastoral Care, the Rev. Dr. Micheal Strong; and, if there’s room an article on this whole business of our being in a “post-synodical era.” In the near future, you will also see articles by the Rev. Dr. Steven Hein and the Rt. Rev. James Heiser, as well as more reports from the mission field and those who have been helped by TAM.

Please visit our (recently re-designed—thank you, Rev. John Frahm, for the new header and soon-to-be-implemented logos!) website at, and click on the Confraternity tab’s “Bimonthly Newsletter” item on the dropdown menu.